GMAC Executive Assessment Prep Sessions at UCD Smurfit School

In 2016 in response to feedback from several leading business schools, GMAC piloted a new assessment type aimed at working professional called the GMAC Executive Assessment (EA). This test retains the vigorous and benchmarked aspects of the GMAT but is streamlined and involves a shorter study period and exam then the full GMAT. Full details are available here.

UCD Smurfit School now accepts the EA as an admission test for EMBA applicants.* In order to assist applicants with this test, UCD Smurfit School  will be running EA prep sessions free of charge for UCD Smurfit School EMBA applicants.

The next sessions will take place on:

  • Wednesday 18th March 6 -8pm room N204
  • Wednesday 1st April 6 -8pm room N204

These sessions will concentrate on the Quant side of the EA. Please book these sessions below.

If  you are still interested in prep sessions for the full GMAT, these can be arranged. Please email for further information.

*Full GMAC, GMAT and GRE will still be accepted for the EMBA. Please see our website for full admission criteria. Please note that the EA sessions are also informative for students sitting the GMAT.